Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.

I’ve forgotten to post images of paintings here for the past few months!! You can see I have a variety of images and interests; nature, landscapes, suburban Florida, weather, close observation, deep and shallow space, color, ad infinitum!!

It has been a very productive time for me. It has also been professionally rewarding; I had a two person show at the Maitland Art and History Museum in November, I was included with three paintings in the Exhibition “Florida Contemporary” at Artis-Naples in January – April, and I have a solo show opening at the Vero Beach Museum of Art in September.

It is such a pleasure to paint full time!! Over past years I’ve always been able to find distractions, and ways to split up my time. The past couple of years have been almost solely devoted to the painting, and it has been terrific! Onward.



” Intersection with Sunset” Oil/Linen 44″ X 72″ 2015



” A Little Night Music” Oil/Linen  44″ X 72″ 2015


“Parking Lot” Oil/Canvas  48″ X 48″ 2016


“RR Crossing” Oil/Panel  9″ X 18″  2015


“Fall Woods” Oil/Linen 44″ X 72″ 2015


“RR Stones” Oil/Canvas 48″ X 48″ 2016


“Sea Stones II” Oil/Linen 60″ X 65″ 2016


” Shells”  Oil/Linen 44″ X 48″ 2016


“Sea Grapes” Oil/Canvas  48″ X 48″ in progress, April 2016.


One Response to “New Paintings”

  1. Anonymous

    Love your work. Especially the atmospheric quality. I’ve started to pain untraditional Florida scenes. These are inspiring.


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