Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.

"River Weeds"Oil/Linen, 60" X 65"

“River Weeds” Oil/Linen  60″ X 65″  June 2015

Detail of "River Weeds"Detail of "River Weeds"

A small detail of “River Weeds”

Just finished this piece, and included the details to give a sense of the paint handling. It is far more complex than any of my recent work, and I’m delighted with the whole thing! The sense of space, the light and color, and the way in which the surface of the river seems almost collaged in, but also works as the river seen through the screen of foliage. It is also the most complex piece I’ve done in the past few years, and I feel the whole thing carries a kind of conviction and plausibility despite the very loose brush work.

I came across a comment, this week, that I feel connects to my process….”Many painters have forgotten that mimesis is not simply imitation”. This echoes a quote from Hockney that representational painting requires far more invention than simply somehow copying information.

This one was a real pleasure; there was room for invention and intuition and whimsy, and the process of picking my way through that briar patch was pure pleasure, to quote Brer Rabbit.

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