Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.

Some studies from this week. I love doing these; they were started a couple of years ago primarily as an exercise, visual calisthenics if you will. But I am becoming increasingly involved and interested in doing them! At their best they are unpredictable. I try to resist the impulse to draw with pencil first, as the work from directly painting them is more difficult but often surprising! Enjoy.

Seated FigureDan Standing

2 Minute gesture studies

2 Minute gesture studies

10 minute study

10 minute study

larger piece, 12' X 18

larger piece, 12′ X 18″

Very Small, 6 X 8 image.

Very Small, 6 X 8 image.

Some impulsive color here.

Some impulsive color here.

Longer Study, David Sitting

2 Responses to “Watercolor Studies. April 2015”

  1. fritzdenis

    I like the way you use anchor points of readable details to give the viewer enough information to complete the picture in their minds. I especially like the feeling of weight in the second figure from the top. Your transparent marks convey a sense of her bulk very nicely.


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