Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.

BridgeJan21Sm“RR Bridge” Oil/Panel 9″ X 24″ Jan. 2015

This is a small painting of the bridge just upstream from my studio. I really loved doing it, and have meant to paint it for years. I know it verges on very cliched stuff…weathered barns and rusting shrimp boats…but I’m a sucker for simple pleasures, like dealing with the surfaces of the water, the steel and concrete, and the sky.

One Response to “RR Bridge; Little Manatee River”

  1. David B. HIcks

    I was one of your students at USF. You and I had a talk one day about me going into Art Therapy with my degree in psychology. Eventually I did follow your advice. I am working with a post Foster Care group teaching art to kids that are emotionaly damaged. Worked with a young girl to help her to communicate following an accident that removed the left hemisphere of her brain. Did a whole study on her. Worked with Schizophrenics that could not communicate. Thank you so much for you advice and direcrion. I was so moved by your personal attention and support. I do multi-media acrylics now on my own and working on some intaglio. I am formally retired from psyhc nursiing due to multiple scleroses which surprisingly lasted only about eight years. But when I went into remission I revived my art skills and now have my own studio called Sojourner Art. Thank you for all your direction and help. David B. Hicks Ret. RNC, Psych in Clinical Psychology and Group therapy.


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