Finished...April 15, 2015

Finished…April 23, 2015

Just finished, with some sense of the complexity and chaos of the woods. I very purposely made some contrast in the underlying grid visible, to introduce some surface ambiguity, a bit of animation, to the whole. Hard to see in the reproduction here.

Oil/Linen 32

Oil/Linen 32″ X72″
in progress, April 1, 2015

A new painting well under way. The whole thing is loosely blocked in, with thin washes of color. Now I can move through the whole in a second pass, working on the sense of light and space and scale of the elements. My source is a highly resolved photo, and I hope to get the complexity and ‘fine grain’ of the foliage. I also intend to put some emphasis on the overlying grid, to break up the continuity of the image in a quiet way.

It’s a commissioned project, and I’m sharing progress with the client as it develops.