Here is today’s progress, plus a detail below to show the paint handling…quite loose, in pursuit of a visually faithful representation of the source photo. I look back at the earlier and wonder if I should have kept that…loose and more of an animated and graphic image!! Gotta give that some thought!!



Oil/Linen 60" X 65" In progress, 2-10-15

Oil/Linen 60″ X 65″
In progress, 2-10-15

Here’s a painting in progress…I’m intrigued with sorting out the layers here…the reflections, distorted shells and stones under the water, and the color shifts. It is just at the stage where the whole is rather loosely brushed in, and I can now make all the adjustments, of color and composition and transparency….of everything. This is the stage where it is a sheer delight to paint!! I’m also feeling free to be impulsive and to indulge my whims! There are construction lines here, an underlying grid and also some converging diagonal lines I use to augment the slight perspective. The collision of order and chaos, which does sound a bit grandiose, intrigues me.