Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.

Oil/Panel 10" X 30" September 2014

Oil/Panel 10″ X 30″
September 2014


“Tampa View” in progress 10″ X 30″ Oil/Panel


New piece underway…looking blocky at this stage, as I try different color possibilities. The whole thing is rather generic now; once I commit a range of color, I will work toward much more specific description of everything…clouds, surface of the bay, etc.  The overall darkness will  need some very close color relations, to make both the sense of the day and the structure of the clouds present and credible. The whole thing puts me in mind of some Emil Nolde seascapes…mine are a bit more restrained.

Close to being finished; The clouds need  some adjustments of color, and then I need to do some adjustments…and maybe simplification, of the color and surface pattern of the bay. The reflections may need to make a bit more ‘sense’…relate more closely to the clouds, although the original source photos seem a bit out of whack. Maybe a bit more geometry in the shapes on the water…?

I always enjoy making photos of the work as it proceeds…the photo provides some distance and a chance to see the whole a bit more objectively.

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