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Painting: Images and Thoughts.

Oil/Pamel 10" X 30" September, 2014

Oil/Pamel 10″ X 30″
September, 2014

Finally finishing this; there was a real problem with painting the water smears that were on the window of the car when the photo was made. That, in addition to the wavy distortion of some objects, seemed to work against the substance of the ships and the place. But I was very happy with the yellow sky…reminiscent for me of a strange light that often accompanies ¬†thunder storms here in Florida. I’m also pleased with paint handling throughout, as I’m feeling comfortable with being more impulsive and occasionally arbitrary with using invented color and loose brushstrokes.

I’m thinking of doing a couple more small pieces dealing with groups of figures scattered across a place at night, as in the “Ruskin Evening” piece posted a few weeks ago. The artifacts made by people moving as the panorama is shot are interesting to deal with. I feel like there may be unexpected possibilities with that situation, and I’ve been looking for places which might work. I’m going to shoot some stuff tonight along the river in Tampa…..I seem to remember that Seurat did well with some folks strolling along the Seine,

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