Oil/Linen, 31" X 36" 1995

Oil/Linen, 31″ X 36″


Negative image (inverted in Photoshop) of painting above. The studio and strips are negative, Tampa and Cranes positive.

Here is an old piece…almost 20 yrs ago!….mixing places and color treatment…the Tampa skyline is negative in the painting, the torn strips and studio in positive. I was pushing complexity that year. The Hermosa Studio, clear in the top of the top image, was a very significant place for me…’63 -’65, when I was in grad school, a derelict industrial warehouse near the beach south of LA. There is a painting underway on the easel in the studio, a portrait of an old office chair I did. The image rings a lot of bells…

The rendition of the studio, with the easel, table, roll of brown paper and trash on the floor, is painted as well as anything I’ve ever done. Except it was never drenched in sunlight. Nostalgia does that.