Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.

Watewrcolor 9" X 12"  August 2014

9″ X 12″ August 2014


Here are a couple more studies….the top one a much more linear approach, the bottom one quite minimal…from a 2 minute pose…in which I’m trying to quickly find a couple of essential shapes of the whole. It is interesting how the gesture study appears very close to an abstraction. I hope it is evident that I am working from very close observation. My intention is quite simple…to make an accurate record of some aspects of what I see.

Watercolor  9" X 12" September 2014

Watercolor 9″ X 12″
September 2014

2 Responses to “More Figure Studies…hot and cold.”

  1. Beth Ford

    The fragmented patterns of these intense gestural value studies of the figure show your ability to capture the 3-D essence of the total pose.Thanks for sharing your amazing gift, Bruce .I really enjoy looking at them and understand the difficulty of your challenge in this approach to seeing!

    • brucemarsh

      Thanks Beth!! I’ve been doing a session with a model every Thursday evening for almost 3 years…and I used to do it off and on in the 80’s. So I think it is as much a learned skill as a gift. The gift, I think, is my stubborn persistence with the project. They may be slowly ‘improving’ in one way or another, but the main interest is in the process of doing them, the process of close and intense looking, and the attempt for some measure of accuracy of proportion and shape, coupled with an attempt to be impulsive and intuitive with the color and with the elements to focus on or to ignore. It’s a thin line to walk, and it only occasionally makes images which I’m deeply satisfied with. The experience of doing these is it’s own reward…the satisfaction of engaging the problem and overcoming the difficulties, occasionally. I liken it to visual calisthentics. There are some other posts here showing a few other watercolors, and I post them occasionally on Facebook. Big hello to you, old friend.


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