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Watercolor 9" X 12" Sept. 2014

Watercolor 9″ X 12″
Sept. 2014

I’m continuing with the small watercolor studies from the model a couple of evenings a month. I think of it as visual calisthenics; a workout my hand and eyes.

Just recently they are beginning to look promising. There seems to be a fine line to walk between close observation and impulsive responses, somewhat like gesture drawing. This mix, when it happens, can make some engaging interaction between crude washes of color and a very present sense of a particular person. I can recognize when this happens, but can in NO plan for it!

I attempt to be somewhat arbitrary and impulsive with color…I’ll begin one with blue washes, and then perhaps the next one with another…red/violet? yellow orange? I also attempt to make some consistency between colors in the light and colors in the shadows…warm to cool, vice-versa, or perhaps something off the wall…yellow green to red orange…etc.

But…it’s been disappointing see, at the end of a session, a certain sameness to the color range from one to another. I want to push the idea of arbitrary and inconsistent color, so I have to push this with more intentionality…commitment from the git go.

I’m thinking of including some of these in my show in November….

Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Studies from the figure…hot and cold.”

  1. Anonymous

    Please keep putting these on facebook, love seeing them and I would like to show them in my figure class.

    • brucemarsh

      Thanks! I don’t get much response from my posts….I will post more! My main focus is my painting, which seldom involves the figure. I do love the discipline of working from close observation!


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