Oil/Linen  48" X 72" August 11, 2014

Oil/Linen 48″ X 72″
August 11, 2014

Just finished this, although at this stage I could keep pecking away at it forever. This image quality is OK, but it does NOT render the range of subtle colors in the painting, nor does it give any indication of the nature of the brushstrokes. Everything is smoothed out, homogenized, in the photo here. I am shooting the image with an excellent digital camera, with an extremely sharp prime lens…the original photo is sharp enough to show the texture of the surface of the canvas…but even in the original photo it seems smoothed out…so it seems to be a matter of close color discrimination. I notice this whenever I shoot photos of clouds, as the contrast between close values gets lost. I guess film is the answer.

Oil/Linen  48" X 60" August 2014, in progress

Getting close to finishing this; working through the sky, enjoying chasing the very close color shifts. It’s important that it be established in a very light range of color. The last bit will be a very faint rendition of the Tampa city skyline, in the center of the horizon.This is a view from the park at Apollo Beach.

I had posted an earlier version, but apparently the image was not included in the post. Go figure.