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These are a few images from recent sessions with the model, all fairly quick studies, in watercolor. I think of these as exercises, almost like going to the gym to keep in shape. The 3 hour sessions, a couple of times a month with a small group, are intense and somehow deeply satisfying. They require very focused observation and a very impulsive approach to painting. My goal is simply to try to get a coherent image of the whole figure, with some measure of accuracy, or believability, in scale and proportion. It is a constant struggle to suppress focusing on particular parts and to find ways to summarize the whole. The quick 2 minute gestures are often the most successful, although most of them are 10 or 20 minute studies.

These presented here are a few of the small “successes”…most are fragmentary and incomplete. It is always a humbling experience…and a great pleasure to get a few which somehow ‘work’. The most challenging are those done with no preliminary drawing…but I go back and forth on this.

The common thread in all my work is the desire to always work from close and focused observation.


Watercolor, 12" X 18" Quick study.

Watercolor, 12″ X 18″
Quick study.

Watercolor study.  !8" X 12"

Watercolor study. !8″ X 12″

Watercolor, 9" X 12", 2 minute study

Watercolor, 9″ X 12″, 2 minute study

Pencil Drawing, hand. 11" X 14"

Pencil Drawing, hand. 11″ X 14″

Watercolor, 12" X 18" 10 minute study

Watercolor, 12″ X 18″
10 minute study