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Painting: Images and Thoughts.

Oil/Panel 12" X 40" July 2014

“Ruskin Evening” Oil/Panel 12″ X 40″
July 2014

Finished this today…thinking of it as a study…figures, light, photo artifacts…the event was a Ruskin Chamber of Commerce BBQ….promoted as ‘Pigs in the Parking Lot’, 2012 or so.  A friend mentioned that I needed a monkey and a couple of dogs to compete with Seurat’s “Island of the Grand Jatte”. I’m thinking of some of my painting as being ‘documentary painting’…recording stuff here in Ruskin.

Oil/Panel  12" X 40" In progress

Oil/Panel 12″ X 40″
In progress

This is an unlikely piece in terms of my work; I haven’t done any paintings with figures in ages. I’ve recently been doing some watercolor studies from the model, and enjoying it greatly. I was also simply struck with this image, it was a panorama shot with my iPhone, and I’m working to include the double images which occur at the ‘seams’…the places where the different shots have been ‘stitched’ together. Below is a detail of a section.

I think this shows the painting process...quick and loose.

I think this shows the painting process…quick and loose.

I’m working quickly, and have resisted doing a precise and ‘correct’ underlying drawing. I’m building the forms as I go, drawing with the paint, and hoping to preserve the loose painting and exploratory qualities of this process. It’s a pleasure to shift down in scale and to work on a piece which will be complete in a short time….maybe I’ll do a series of these…documents of life in Ruskin.

One Response to ““Ruskin Evening” …finished”

  1. Anonymous

    Nice to see what looks like gestural spontaneous work. Enjoy.


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