Oil/Linen 60" X 65" in progress June 17, 2014

Oil/Linen 60″ X 65″

Getting close to finishing this…I need to work on the transition area across the upper middle, to clarify (pun unintended) the transparency of the water and to make a uniform transition from the web of light on the sandy bottom to the top where the light is reflected off the surface of the waves. I also need to keep the vitality and directness of the brushstrokes. It is important to me that the painting is clearly made of discrete and opaque strokes and marks, without glazing or blurred edges. It’s chunks of stuff.

It was important for me to do this one; the image had been hanging around awhile. The next, I believe, will be a return to painting aspects of this community…Ruskin…my continuing series of looking at this ordinary and also amazing place.