Oil/Panel  12" X 40"

Oil/Panel 12″ X 40″

Second pass over the whole done. I’m thinking about  making a more vignetted image, making the periphery darker and the center brighter , relatively. It is happening a bit, but I’d like to push it. The vignetting in old photos has always seemed to give the image distance; to draw attention to the fact of the photo, and to also  contribute a note of nostalgia and perhaps, on the downside, sentimentality. As is now the sky is flat, and I’d like to activate it without losing the sense of  a strange brightness. The color and form of the reflections is very elusive, and needs more clarity, again without losing the close range of values in the gray areas, some of which are more red violet, some more blue violet and even blue green on the left.

I’m pleased with the ambiguity of the image, the mix of the mangroves, the distant shore, the power plant, and the odd sky.