BayStudySm“Bay Study w/Tampa Skyline”

I just framed this study from a couple of years ago; it was done as a demonstration for a group, and never completed. The grass, shrubs and trees are very simplified and cursory, as they were just roughly laid in. Most of my interest and attention went to the bands of color in the water, and the stuff on the horizon. The sky was very quick, a few judicious dark laid in, wet into wet.

I’m thinking that some very quick studies could be very useful, in developing notions of simplifying and editing information. Perhaps small panels, with a 30 minute time limit for painting.

Today I’m in the midst of framing stuff, for a show I have in early March at the Clayton Galleries in S. Tampa. I’ll post more information about it soon. Here’s a shot of the state of the studio…..framing is always a pain, I always make so many dumb mistakes measuring!! But it’s also a pleasure to see the work framed.