Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.

EaselDeathHollowWork in progress; A canyon above Escalante, Utah, on the Aquarius Plateau. Elevation about 8500′.

I realize I haven’y included anything here of my onsite painting. I made a number of trips to Utah, ’05 – ’09 or so, and had some weeks of intense painting. Fell in love with that country, a trip back is long overdue. In the shot above the clouds are holding an intense, but passing, hailstorm. The wet canyon afterward was a vision; glistening in the sun. The visibility is 50 miles or so…the most distant ridge visible here runs to the edge of the Grand Canyon.

The experience of making paintings onsite is memorable; I remember the particulars of each day I painted, the weather, the animals, the problems. I would always choose a morning and a an afternoon site; always getting in a full day, and usually spending 2 sessions on a painting. Never touched them later….they was what they was, mostly problem children.

They necessity to simplify, to edit, to sort out the complexity, and most importantly to be quick, has changed my studio practice for the better. Below is another shot of a piece in progress:

Spencer Flats, Utah

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