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CW2-03Sm“California Weeds”  Oil  18″ X 18″  Feb 3, 2014

Finally finished. I think. I’m very pleased with the vertical ‘fault’ running down the middle…a bit of ambiguity to disrupt this post card a bit.

Here’s a close detail which shows how the color is applied and splashed around. Really a bit out of control I’d say! I am so pleased with my new prime 20mm lens… as a tack! Note the weave of the canvas showing in this detail, which was simply cropped from the image above.

I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away


Below is the almost finished version from yesterday…..


So almost getting this done. It began to move well today, working the whole surface with juicier paint, and finding the idea of emphasizing the split down the middle. A nice fault line I think, which will keep the whole a bit unsettled in the eye. Apropos of California, and it  was painted near the San Andreas fault. I still need to solve the greens, probably by expanding the hues…as the rocks now have a fairly broad hue range. Perhaps think about reducing the value contrast also…but the red blacks are so punchy and tempting to keep. I worry that my painting is getting too close to cooking.

2 Responses to “California Weeds.. done”

  1. Anonymous

    GREAT… Those GreenGrowies are “Super Native Plants” 🙂 where I come from “Weeds” are plants out of place:) They are great California native plants… Make them come alive…. BUDDY…. Keep that paint movin!

    • brucemarsh

      I didn’t know what they are…but “weeds’ was meant as a touch of sarcasm…”Weeds” suggests, to me, that some planted are somehow better than others…like the phrase “trashfish”. I kinda think everything living is a bit special…and elegant.


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