Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.


“Wave w/Shadow” Oil/Linen  60″ X 65′  Jan. 2014

Finally bringing this to a conclusion. Constructiing the patterns of light and color, to make some reasonable relation to the photo source can be endless. It is quite an intuitive process, taking clues from the photo and trying to find a system with the paint. I’m always thinking about the transparency, and how stones and shells on the bottom are transformed by the relative colors of the lights and shadows. It is quite related to the Albers exercises in his “Interaction of Color”, where he asks the students to create the illusion of transparency with colored swatches of paper.

Below are a couple of detail shots, to give perhaps a better idea of the paint handling, which is often impulsive and intuitive in dealing with such a complex event. The alternative would be a centimeter by centimeter grid, a la Chuck Close, which is contrary to my intentions.



2 Responses to ““Wave Shadow” …Finished.”

  1. bobrope

    GREAT…. You Did It. Would love to see it closeup. Now I need a 65″ monitor for better viewing of each square foot. Roughly how deep was the water? Was it cloudy that day? Is there anyway we can borrow or check it out for a time? Kinda like a library book or something 😉 Really like it and wish I could see all the layers and detail you put into it. A GREAT WORK BUDDY! Thanks for sharing.


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