"Bay Chop II" Oil/Linen 44" X 72" 2008

“Bay Chop II” Oil/Linen 44″ X 72″ 2008

This is a piece from 2008,  where the handling of the water seems particularly effective to me. I am also very happy with the simple composition, where the yellow green area locks into the blue area like two sides of a coin….almost a ‘yin-yang’ coupling. The is also a secondary kind of organization, as the central light patch on the water creates an almost symmetrical diamond shape. These flat compositional elements also contribute to a tension as they interact with the strong illusion of the recession in space of the whole patch of water.

The overall geometric structure of the surface of a painting has always been of huge importance to me. I believe the very life of painting exists in the tension which exists between the reading of a flat pattern and our habit of reading paintings as ‘pictures’, descriptions of objects dispersed in space. I think this is true of abstract as well as representational work, and that it operates as much in a DeKooning or an Albers as in a Rembrandt.