Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.

_WS01-01“BEACH W/SHADOW”  60″ X 65″ Oil/Linen in progress

Long day painting; the first pass is finished, the whole canvas covered with paint. Lots of adjustments to be made now…color, focus,etc. The fairly high contrast seems to be working well; I think of the whole light area as almost seeming overexposed. Color contrasts are emphasized as colors are close in value. Hard to call it a day at this point; which much of it wet it is so inviting to keep working and pushing the wet into wet possibilities.

One Response to ““BEACH W/SHADOW”…….1ST PASS DONE.”

  1. Carl Weese

    I like seeing these ‘work in progress’ stages. I’ll have to talk to Tina about doing something similar on her blog, once she can get through the snow to the studio…


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