"Escalante Gap" Oil/Panel 12" X 36" 2007

“Escalante Gap” Oil/Panel 12″ X 36″ 2007

I thought it would be good to post an onsite painting from Utah, from a few years ago. This was painted over the course of a couple of long mornings, from a site a few miles east of Escalante, Utah. The gap in the line of the plateau, near the right edge of the painting, marks the cut made by the Escalante River as it moves south toward the Grand Canyon, perhaps 50 miles away. Someone recently mentioned that you remember every specific day that you ever spent painting onsite. True. Every one of those days remains quite present, and as I look at a painting I remember the morning, the site, and odd incidents. Trying to make fairly objective records of what I see somehow makes an indelible record of that time and place. It is a special way of being in the world.

I think I need to find the way to incorporate this into my weekly routine, as fragmentary as that is. Dec. 17, 2013.

Here’s another, from my first visit to Escalante in 2005.

"Sawmill"  Oil/Panel  12" X 36"  2005

“Sawmill” Oil/Panel 12″ X 36″ 2005

This is just east of the Straight Cliffs, the eastern edge of the Kaiporwits Plateau, just a few miles east of Escalante, Utah.