"Woods Drawing" "14" X 16", Magenta, Cyan and Yellow prismacolor pencils

“Woods Drawing” “14” X 16″, Magenta, Cyan and Yellow prismacolor pencils

This is a very old drawing, from 1974, made on a veranda looking into the woods at Lake Arrowhead, California. It is a 3 color handmade ‘color separation’ 3 days in the making. It was from a time I was doing 3 color paintings, using an air brush and hand cut stencils. I was always attracted to processes which would transform images in some unexpected fashion. This was long before Photoshop, which transforms images so easily, and most usually of so little interest.

"Littered Floor" 3 color acrylic airbrush, 48" X 48" 1974

“Littered Floor” 3 color acrylic airbrush, 48″ X 48″ 1974

This is one of the airbrush paintings from 1973, done with Magenta, Cyan and Yellow, which are the printing primary colors. It is a combination of 2 images, my studio floor and an expanse of woods.