"Zion Wall" Oil/Linen 42" X 72" 2009

“Zion Wall”
Oil/Linen 42″ X 72″ 2009

Detail of "Zion Wall"
Detail of “Zion Wall”

This is a painting of a 3000′ sandstone wall in Zion National Park. Also a detail of the painting, to give a sense of the nature of the marks and the painting process. From 2005 – 2009 I made several trips to SE Utah, and did a considerable number of onsite paintings there. I will be posting some of these soon. A major problem with these subjects, particularly when working onsite and quickly, is handling the often contrary aspects of the play of light and shadow versus the surface stains on the rock. My old professor, Howard Warshaw, referred to these as ‘conditional color” (light/shadow) and “categorial color” ( local color, as in the red shirt). His interests, to a large degree, lay in Baroque painting.