“Storm” 12″ X 40″  Oil/Panel  December 2013

"Storm" Oil/Panel, 12" X 40" First stage.

“Storm” Oil/Panel, 12″ X 40″ First stage.

Finished this today, mainly addressing some structural issues. The initial idea was based on the horizontal strips, which had gotten somewhat raggedy as the painting developed. This morning I laid a straight edge on the bottom of the dark cloud and on the top of the lower expanse of weeds (?), which seemed to put some backbone into the whole piece. The geometric structure under all my images has always been important,

perhaps as a bit of rigidity against all the usual surface activity…perhaps just as a part of the world i am trying to present. I also made a number of adjustments to the structure of the clouds, finally getting to a rather excessively solid treatment, which in the flesh makes them seem a bit like they are chipped from concrete. The original image was most certainly bland and innocuous. I had hoped to somehow transform it in some unexpected fashion; not sure if this happens or not. On to the next one.