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JosProjSmJUrso_LadyBugLadyBug,36x36,_Collage,_2008The 2009 Mural project, part of the Big Draw here, has begun! Josette Urso met with over 50 (!!) people from the community on saturday to discuss her work and the project.  The first workshops were today, ending with the walls of the studio filled with collages! The groups, from kids to teens to adults, seem brimming with enthusiasm! I left feeling I had seen a master teacher in action.

The groups, of diverse experience, began with simple shapes pulled from small objects, cut into cardboard and foam and whatever, and pinned up all over the room. She simply jumped them way beyond the usual struggles with drawing and insecurities, and had the group immersed in composing with shape and color. AND….hugely enthusiastic!!

Josette will be holding numerous intense workshops over the next two weeks; the whole schedule and a description of the project is at: Setting up the whole Big Draw is so labor intensive… easels, materials, keys, cleaning, getting the power on……borrowing tables and chairs…and then getting them moved in. Those were my tasks today.

Other News….Framing of the RiverWalk Mural has been resolved….finally…and will be in place in 6 weeks. It’s a powder aluminum frame designed by Will Stack of

I’m also going to paint in Utah next week; it’s an event at the Maynard Dixon property near Zion, with 25 artists working there for a week. Looking forward to it; I haven’t painted in weeks, as the Big Draw and the Riverwalk project have filled my time and my head! If I can get an internet connection there in Utah I’ll perhaps make a few posts. I’m taking some 10 X 36 panels, so I hope to make some big and open….exploratory …pieces. Those vast spaces really hover in my mind; the sandstone buttes which hover against those skies, 2000 feet high.

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  1. Bruce Marsh

    The pictures are of a collage by Josette Urso, “Lady Bug Lady Bug”, 36″ X 36″ 2008, and a shot of Josette speaking to the Ruskin Community group about her work.


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