Bruce Marsh

Painting: Images and Thoughts.


This image is one of many evolved…by a genetic algorithm, over hundreds of thousand of generations, on a computer of course!

My son Adam, a professor of Marine Biology at Univ. of Delaware, has developed this project as a variation of a project he was doing with nucleotides…bits of DNA. He had read Luis Borges “Library of Babel”…about a library containing all possible books in the english language, and he realized he could do a ‘Gallery of Babel’…to contain all possible images! Both the library and the gallery would be larger than the Universe, so he scaled back his project a bit. He’s evolving ordered images of color out of random grids of tiles, which evolve toward a color order.  The code of the program which Adam has written ‘rewards’ increasing order by allowing  patterns which have more order…more uniformity of color…to reproduce. The code is flexible and allows adjustments of the rate of mutation among the component colors…the RGB of the computer monitor. Take a look at his site, where there are many examples and some q-Time movies of the patterns evolving.

One Response to “Evolving Images…..”

  1. agm

    It is amazing how even random images can stimulate our visual perception to piece together an image out of color data. Shapes emerge and our mind assembles them into some idealized representation of a physical form that we understand. This particular image has me constantly thinking of 4 Degas dancers in a circle, costumes blending into the stage background. The violet blur a head piece . . . . a sense of motion is also derived . . . but to explain what? What is the mind trying to describe?


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