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Hello! I’m thinking about starting this blog….to blather on about painting and whatever I’m involved with and whatever might seem of passing interest. I guess it will be a public journal, and can motivate me to think out a bunch of stuff, maybe with some clarity and perhaps to touch base with others about my ideas and problems with painting.

I’ve been involved in a variety of stuff this past year, and I think the blog may be a place to put it all out there, and perhaps see it myself from a different place.  In ’08 and ’09 there has been the Big Draw, a lot of onsite painting…..Utah, Wekiva Springs, Dudley Farm, and Ruskin area, a collaboration with my son Adam on a software project in the evolution of color patterns, a bit of digital pinhole photography, and a major public art project for the City of Tampa.

I’ll discuss these and whatever else happens along to catch my interest. Just writing this I realize I have always been pulled in many directions, and know that my painting has lacked the obsessive commitment and total focus that has marked the  work of so many artists who have changed the world for us. The other side of this is that my interests have fed my painting, and have been useful breaks which kept the painting fresh for me. “I yam what I yam” Popeye, 1946.

Here’s the current painting, a 65″ X 60″ Lumpy Sea…(working title)…which I set up to do as a respite from painting onsite here. But…once started it gets all my attention…I’ve always envied friends who have three, or twelve, pieces in progress. I always have one…and push it through to whatever finish I find. No multi tasking! In this piece I’m keeping…and sometimes re-painting…the grid lines I used to establish the drawing. A very simple device to set up a quiet tension between thereceding plane of the sea and the flat canvas. I’m also attempting to be more impulsive and a bit erratic in the paint handling and the color choices; a definite result of all the onsite paintings, done quickly out of necessity. So here’s the painting, and a detail…

Lumpy Sea 65" X 60" Oil/Linen (in progress)

Lumpy Sea 65" X 60" Oil/Linen (in progress)

Detail, "Lumpy Sea"

Detail, "Lumpy Sea"

I also have a website which is not current, but has a very wide range of my work from over the years.

So….off and running. I welcome your comments!


3 Responses to “Hello!”

  1. Allison

    Hey Dad —

    could be a good forum and outlet! Maybe needs a category list at left you can organize different essays into …

    I say go for it …

  2. Mariella

    Welcome to the Blogosphere! I’ve been blogging for 2 years and I’ve gotten a lot out of it.

    I like what you’re doing with the grid lines on this painting because it evokes the experience of looking at the dynamic 3-dimensional surface of the sea, in all its sparkling motion, and trying to focus on the colors and shapes in a 2-dimensional way (which is something I like to tease myself with).

    (I’m your first subscriber! You might want to add a prominent RSS feed button to make it easy for people to subscribe via a feedreader or e-mail, so they don’t have to keep checking back here.)

  3. Robin Miller

    Like it… like the idea of using a blog to think through ideas and issues with painting. I have always enjoyed hearing what you have to say on the subject and look forward to this!
    Love the Lumpy Sea, Bruce!


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